VLSI (VHDL) Projects

1 .8237A High performance programmable dma controller .Enquiry
2 .Design of COFDM Transceiver Using VHDL .Enquiry
3 .Design and Characterization of Parallel Prefix Adders FPGAs .Enquiry
4 .implementation Convolution Encoder and Adaptive Viterbi Decoder using VHDL .Enquiry
5 .An Efficient Implementation of Floating Point Multiplier .Enquiry
6 .A New Reversible Design of BCD Adder .Enquiry
7 .Low-Power and Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder .Enquiry
8 .FPGA implementation of Binary Coded Decimal Digit Adders and Multipliers .Enquiry
9 .High Speed ASIC Design of Complex Multiplier Using Vedic Mathematics .Enquiry
10 .High speed Modified Booth Encoder multiplier for signed and unsigned numbers .Enquiry
11 .An Efficent High Speed Wallance tree .Enquiry
12 .A new hybrid Multiplieusing Dadda and Wallace method .Enquiry
13 .A Decimal or Binary Multi-operand Adder using a Fast Binary to Decimal Converter .Enquiry
14 .Design of Edge Detection Systems .Enquiry
15 .Radix-4 and Radix-8 Booth Encoded Multi-Modulus Multipliers .Enquiry
16 .New High-Speed Multioutput Carry Look-Ahead Adders .Enquiry
17 .Low-power Logarithmic Number System Addition Subtraction and their Impact on Digital Filters .Enquiry
18 .Implementation Of Floating Point Mac Using Residue Number SystemEnquiry
19 .VLSI implementation of Fast Addition using Quaternary Signed Digit Number System .Enquiry
20 .Viterbi-Based Efficient Test Data Compression .Enquiry
21 .Hardware Implementation Of The PCM Codec For VOIP Telephony .Enquiry
22 .Vending machine controller Using VHDL .Enquiry
23 .8 - bit Microcontroller Using VHDL.Enquiry
24 .16/32-bit microprocessor using VHDL .Enquiry
25 .Design of Low-Error Fixed-Width Modified Booth Multiplier .Enquiry
26 .Enhance Orthogonal Code Convolution Capabilities For Efficient Digital Communication .Enquiry