Embedded System Training

An embedded system is a computer embedded within another device. The embedded computer is composed of hardware and software sub-systems designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions. Embedded systems are often designed under stringent power, performance, size, and time constraints. They typically must react quickly to changing inputs and generate new outputs in response.Aside from PCs, laptops, and servers, most systems that operate on electricity and do something intelligent have embedded systems.Simple embedded system examples include the computer in a clothes washing machine, a motion-sensing lamp, or a microwave oven. More complex examples include the computer in an automobile cruise control or navigation system, a mobile phone, a cardiac pacemaker, or a factory robot..

Duration and Certification

  • It would be 24 weeks / 30 Days / 45 Days of Summer/Winter internship training in their curriculum.after completion of training every student has to submit a project report that theyhave developed. Proper assistance would be provided during their project development.
  • Certification of successful Training and Internship would be certified by ACVMTechnologies.

Eligibility Criteria

All Engineering, Science Graduates students are eligible for this training, basicCriteria is knowledge of Internet. Basic knowledge of any programming language wouldbe a plus point.

Benefits of Training Program

  • We have team of young Professionals with depth knowledge of Technical fields
  • Certification would be provided after completion of training sessions which wouldbe certified by ACVM Technologies
  • Career Oriented Training
  • Content of training would be provided after completion of training session
  • Professional training environment
  • Valuable lifetime experience
  • Create a professional profile
  • Maximize your Technical Skills