Clinic Management System - ACVM Clinic ERP


ACVM Clinic ERP is a clinic management software that helps physicians and clinics to make their practice paperless. We tailor customized clinic management systems that best suit the unique requirement of each clinic. We provide scalable software with different modules like Laboratory, Pharmacy, HR, Inventory, and Accounting; thereby digitizing the basic management and record-keeping and making management tasks easier.

Managing new and returning patients is now made effortless with ACVM Clinic Management Software. Past patient details can be pulled out quickly by just knowing a single detail. It could be return number, patient id, patient name, patient mobile etc , ACVM Clinic Management Software makes things as simple as that!

As an admin you can monitor the access given to the users and enable/disable features based on your specific clinic requirements.

enefit's Of ACVM Clinic ERP

Practices can easily justify a ACVM Clinic ERP investment because it delivers significant quality enhancements and cost benefits.

Increase physician and office efficiency

  • There’s no more searching the paper file page by page.
  • Information within the automated file is complete and legible.
  • Your staff will spend less time filing and tracking down and managing files.
  • The dilemma of misplaced files is eliminated.
  • Enhances patient and document workflow.
  • A real time record is available to the patient’s primary care physician resulting in proper continuation of care.
  • A legible record created through ACVM Clinic ERP decreases medical “misadventures” once an admitted or transferred patient leaves the clinic / hospital.
  • Errors caused by illegible handwriting are eliminated.