MATLAB Projects

1 .Character Recognition Using Neural Network .Enquiry
2 .Adaptive PID Controller Using PC Matlab .Enquiry
3 .An Improved Algorithm for Blind Reverberation Time Estimation .Enquiry
4 .Modeling and Simulation of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer .Enquiry
5 .High Availability with Diagonal Replication in 2D Mesh (DR2M) Protocolfor Grid Environment .Enquiry
6 .A Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based On DCT and DWT .Enquiry
7 .Image Encryption For Color Images Using Bit Plane And Edge Map Cryptography Algorithm .Enquiry
8 .An Improved Wavelet-Based Color Image Watermark Algorithm .Enquiry
9 .A New Approach For Image Segmentation Using Pillar-Kmeans Algorithm .Enquiry