Embedded System Projects

1 .GSM based Automatic Plant Irrigation .Enquiry
2 .Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter .Enquiry
3 .Development of Zigbee based Street Light Control System .Enquiry
4 .Wireless Automation of Unmanned Railway Crossing Gate Alert System using Zigbee .Enquiry
5 .Density Based Traffic System Using Ir Sensors .Enquiry
6 .GSM based Wireless Home Security System .Enquiry
7 .Biomedical Heart Beat Monitor With Microcontroller .Enquiry
8 .Electronic Voting Machine Using Microcontroller .Enquiry
9 .Automatic College Bell (TOTAL 8- BELLS). .Enquiry
10 .Automatic Humidity Control For Refrigator .Enquiry
11 .Automatic Plant Irrigation .Enquiry
12 .Digital Electroic Combination Lock, Micro Controller With Keypad To Lock And Unlock The Door .Enquiry
13 .Embedded Based Distance Measurement Sytem .Enquiry
14 .Fire Monitor Using Microcontroller .Enquiry
15 .Dtmf Based Home Security System .Enquiry
16 .Industrial Protection System Using Smoke Sensor .Enquiry
17 .Library Noise Detector And Indicator .Enquiry
18 .Micro Controller Based Temperature Lcd DisplayEnquiry
19 .RF Based (Wireless) Temperature Monitoring .Enquiry
20 .Sonar Sensor Based Range Finder System .Enquiry
21 .Wireless Monitoring System For Cold Storages .Enquiry
22 .Shopping Mall Security And Power Management Using Ir Sensor .Enquiry
23 .Microcontroller Based Cellphone Detector .Enquiry
24 .Digital IC Tester with embedded truth table .Enquiry